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Kathy Gere, LCSW, EMDR


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I work collaboratively with my clients to support them in reaching their specific goals in life. Every person is unique and will experience an individualized approach that is best suited to their needs and preferences. By treating each person as a unique individual I respect the person's autonomy and am able to support the person's own capacities for change and healing. I am also pragmatic in my approach which means I use what works. I am flexible in how I approach treatment. This flexibility extends to how I provide counseling as well. I am available evenings, in person as well as by telehealth.

Evidence based treatment approaches I utilize, such as EMDR, Positive Discipline, Gottman Couples Therapy, and Trauma Informed Therapy, have excellent client outcomes. I adapt these approaches according to the clients age, gender, social, cultural and religious beliefs.


I hold an advanced post graduate certificate in Parental Alienation (PA). What is PA, "It's when there's a lot of fighting between parents. It's usually when they are divorce, but not always. Sometimes the children side with one parent and refuse to have anything to do with the other parent, even though they previously had a good relationship with the parent they are now rejecting." (W. Bernet, Working with Alienated Children and Families, 2013).  The advanced training in this area enables me to differentiate between estrangement and PA. Know the difference is critical to determining the type of intervention that is best for the child and family. If we mistakenly treat PA as estrangement or vise versa then we do serious harm to the child and family system therefore it is critical for a clinician to be knowledgeable about both the assessment process and treatment options available.


Making time to take care of yourself may be challenging when juggling family, kids, and/or professional responsibilities therefore I offer telehealth.

I understand that change can be difficult. Finding someone to work with may be confusing and scary; therefore, I offer a 10 minute free consultation. I have found that by doing this, people are able to make better decisions about the type of care they want. If my approach sounds like what you need, please give me a call. We can decide together.

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