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Amanda Ellis, LMT, CST


Why do I offer craniosacral therapy? Have you heard of "The Body Keeps the Score,"  by Bessel A van der Kolk? He is a leading researcher, author and expert in treating trauma. In the 1970s he provided trauma treatment to veterans. As a psychiatrist with vast experience in trauma he really gets it. In his book he talks about how trauma is not only stored in the brain but also in the body and nervous system. Neuroscience research teaches us that trauma can be released from the body and nervous system with body work, craniosacral therapy is one of those adjunctive treatments for trauma.

I approach the body with an understanding of the holistic relationship between mind, body and spirit. Effecting any one of those three will affect the other two. Knowing this truth I aim to objectively witness expression of the mind-body through a deep listening of the body's motility, mobility, and places of stillness. Most, if not all, of my clients hold in their bodies some degree of physical tension and/or emotional distress.

I love what I do for a living and I feel blessed to call my time spent with clients, 'work'. One of the aspects I enjoy most are the interpersonal connections made through the healing art of bodywork. These connections are supported by my ability to listen to my clients' needs and wellness goals in order to integrate varying modalities of soft tissue work into each unique session. 

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