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Caleb Thetford, LMHP


I believe that each individual has the ability to decide for themselves the kind of person they want to be by the choices they make in the present. In knowing that sometimes our choices do not always reflect who we would like to be, my approach is one of compassion and caring. This person centered philosophy shapes my treatment sessions and has proven to be effective when working collaboratively with my clients to change behaviors.

My clients have seen great success with the use of evidence based treatment approaches including; EMDR, CBT, DBT, ACT, and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral and Childhood Traumatic Grief treatment interventions. Helping families, couples, groups, and individuals work through the difficulties of life is a passion of mine.

I have experience in helping those who have suffered trauma, grief, anxiety, and domestic violence. I understand that change can be difficult. Finding someone to work with may be confusing and scary; therefore, I offer a 10 minute free consultation. If my approach sounds like what you need, please give me a call. We can decide together.

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